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FavThe earliest industrial, use of charcoal, more than four thousand years ago, was as a reductant for iron smelting to change iron oxide into metallic iron.  But charcoal was already well known as a high grade smokeless fuel for cooking and domestic heating.  Charcoal in some countries is the principle fuel for preparing food.  In some others, the price has climbed so high that only the wealthy can afford to use it every day.

In industrial countries charcoal is no longer the main domestic cooking fuel but has become a symbol of an affluent through its use in leisure activities as a fuel in open-air barbeque and restaurant for cooking meat. 

Nowdays! Established in December 2015, Ain Biomass is a Private Limited company specializing in producing high quality Briquette Charcoal.  Strategically located in a timber town at Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia.